Photo by Kalen Emsley

Tree Houses for Grownups

The weekend you never knew you would love.

As the world comes rushing in on Monday morning, many are hit with that cathartic moment of self evaluation. What if I had married my high school sweetheart, chosen a different college, major, career path or city to live in? We believe this is healthy, a forced check in with yourself. But sometimes we need to retreat, let go of our grownup feats of daring-do and feel young again, and there’s no place better to do that than a tree house.

Tree houses for big people is a going concern. You can rent them in the forest, the jungle, on the beach, in wine country, or pretty much any climate you desire. They range from spartan to luxury, and they are fun. There’s something about the feeling of temporary self-isolation from the stress waiting down there on the ground that allows you to catch your emotional breath.

We love weekend treehouse getaways. They can be romantic, quiet time to finally get past page 10 of the novel that mocks you from the bedside table, or a chill girl’s trip – remember the “no boys allowed” sign that hung next to the ladder on so many treehouse sleepovers?

But back to the moment, you should consider the mental exercise of being in your own treehouse all day. When things pile up, imagine leaving them on the ground, and coming out of your perch when you’re ready to deal with them.

And if you have the space, you can always build your own treehouse in the backyard and retreat any time you like.

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