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The War on Donuts

How to Recover From a Slip on the Sugary Slope.

Donuts go against all nutrition and skin advice. And they’re awesome. When you inevitably have donuts for dinner (Voodoo Doughnuts are our favorite) take our unresearched and hard earned advice:

Congratulate yourself.
Instead of beating yourself up, be realistic. It’s going to happen, and who on their deathbed ever said they wish they had eaten fewer donuts. Unless that’s what got them, which is far darker than the scope of this advice.

Don’t go on a bender.
Stop it now. I’ll start Monday never happens. You can recover from one big cheat, but keep it up and it could get messy. Just let it go and move on.

Don’t let it all go in other areas.
You still have to brush and floss, take your pills (including Powerful Beauty) and perform your skin ritual. Just go right back to good habits all the way around.

Check in with yourself.
Why did you do it? Was it a craving? Did you not eat for so long that you lost control? Were you triggered? Did you feel happy? Sad? Lonely? Don’t dwell on it until you’ve written a self-help book about how you overcame it, just stay in touch. You have a lot to learn from yourself.

Finally, and this is key: do not drive the rest of us crazy with it.
Don’t call, text and post on every platform about the “donut situation”. Your instinct is probably to take selfies at the scene of the crime, say you’re ashamed while trolling for cute reassurement from friends of friends, then constantly check your phone for updates, but you’re better than that.

The war against donuts is a grown up problem, and it’s very real. Sometimes donuts happen, but they can’t become a way of life. Stay calm in the face of sugar and carbohydrates, and be kind to yourself. You will encounter larger adversaries, and in the meantime donuts are good practice.

More in the journal.

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