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The Joy of Hanging Lamps

How to choose and hang the moodiest of lamps.

Skin isn’t everything to us, we have many interests, and it’s time we talk about hanging lamps.

As lamps go, the hanging lamp is the table lamp’s beautiful older sister. There is just something about the unique ambiance of a hanging lamp. It triggers fantasies and romantic memories of gardens in the desert, Spanish night clubs, and dive mexican restaurants we’ve loved since we ate there in a booster chair.

So when after you inevitably start googling for your perfect hanging lamp, experts say you need to keep 3 things in mind: style, size, and the amount of light you want from the lamp.

Style is all you, modern, contemporary, shabby chic, macrame, whatever your jam is.

Size is where some rules come into play. The bottom of a hanging lamp should be no lower than 12” above your outstretched hands standing, or sitting if it will be hung over a table. As far as the size of the lamp itself, don’t trust your eyes, measure your space. You can’t put a big lamp in a space it won’t fit, a tiny lamp in a large space probably won’t give you the magic you’re looking for – investigate the space and let that inform you when choosing the size of the lamp.

And finally, how much light do you want? For mood, you may like hanging lamps with closed designs and little light escaping. For ambient lighting you will likely need an exposed or mildly diffused design.

So armed with that, find the lamp that makes you happy and hang it up.

More in the journal.

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