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The number of supplements on the market is incredible. They are everywhere, and they claim to do just about everything, but after taking too many to count I found that most of them don’t do anything, and the few that do are underwhelming. I had to know why. How are supplements a 140 billion dollar industry if most of them are the same ingredients recycled into different formulas? Why is the biggest difference between so many supplements nothing but the label?

The truth is simple: money. To make something that performs is expensive. Explaining it to the world with real data rather than hype is difficult. It’s easier to throw something cheap in a bottle and spend money on social media influencers. Does the Instagram model promoting a supplement really use it? I don’t think so.

My belief is that there is a place in the market for an honest company willing to do the research and spend what it takes to give you results. That’s why we are here.

If supplements work, why doesn't everyone take them, and if they don't, why does anyone take them?

Advanced Biology is committed to bringing the most revolutionary supplements to the market. We demand the highest quality and safety, and our products are proven, backed by science, and responsively sourced and manufactured. We tell you exactly what they contain, how they work, what data backs our claims, and what actual users have to say about them. We don’t chase trends or play marketing games. We are serious about what we do, and we believe in and stand behind our products 100%.

I hope you will try our foundation supplement Powerful and enjoy the beauty, workout, cognitive and general health benefits that come with 8 weeks of consistent use.

We want you to have an excellent experience and we are here to help. If you have more questions, visit the FAQ page or contact us by email at and we will get right back to you.

To your health and beauty,

lance barton ceo

Lance Barton, CEO
Advanced Biology, Inc.

Start your Powerful transformation today.


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