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How we got here and where we are going.

Supplements don’t work.

Having tried so many supplements over the last thirty years, I found that they are useless, or at best underwhelming. Supplement companies make money, but they can’t seem to make an effective supplement.


But what if they did?

That’s the question I set out to answer. I wanted to create a supplement that gives amazing results. I wanted to create the supplement that I wanted to take. I quickly learned that is easier said than done. 

I’m not a scientist or medical professional, so I spent two years researching, reading hundreds of studies, talking to supplement companies, formulators, regulators and manufacturers. I did anecdotal group studies, including myself, using multiple supplements simultaneously in the doses I planned to use in a single pill. The results were incredible, and Powerful Beauty was born.

Everywhere I turned I was told that creating this pill, with patented, clean, animal free and fairly derived ingredients was prohibitively expensive and impossible to sell, but I wouldn’t be deterred. Whether or not the market embraced my supplement, I would be proud to stand behind it.



The product claims on bottles, boxes, and in marketing among supplement companies are unbelievable, for good reason. Young supplement companies are often confusing, claiming to be tech startups and having disrupted or revolutionized the industry.

We’re simple. We make only a few powerful supplements, and all of our claims are backed by real trials and studies. We believe our supplements are the safest, most effective supplements in the world, but you will have to be the judge.

“I always side with the underdog. I believe independent health and beauty brands drive innovation. Small companies working with other small companies, committed to responsible sourcing and manufacturing, create revolutionary products that wouldn’t otherwise exist. I have to believe the underdogs will find their place in the market.”

Founder, Advanced Biology

What now?

Powerful Beauty has been available for over five years, and we hear from happy users every day. We are still a small company, and we will soon premier our second product, Powerful Living, aiding general health and wellbeing in an all new way. We hope you try Powerful Beauty, and enjoy the skin enhancement and protection benefits you will see after eight weeks.

Here’s to your health and wellness.

Let's make a difference.

Learn about our giving initiatives.

Start your journey.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. Buy Powerful individually, in packs, or subscribe to receive monthly shipments with no commitment, pause or cancel at any time.

Holiday sale price won’t last long!

Also available at

Start your journey.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. Buy Powerful individually, in packs, or subscribe to receive monthly shipments with no commitment, pause or cancel at any time

Holidays sale price won’t last long!

Also available at

Real Powerful Beauty Reviews

five star review

From previous acne scarring, exposure to the sun and free radical damage, one of my biggest concerns is an even complexion. I added Powerful to my skin care regime and can visibly see a reduction in hyperpigmentation spots, smoother texture and more glow, and others have noticed as well! I highly recommend adding this tool to your daily routine.

Aubrey W.
five star review

I've been using Powerful for over a year and I love what it does for my skin. I travel frequently, and changing environments used to create complexion challenges. With Powerful that's no longer a problem and I always have it with me.

Kristin A.
five star review

I take my skin care seriously. After adding Powerful to my regimen I became a longtime user and I feel like I am aging in reverse. Not only are the skin benefits undeniable, my workouts and focus are incredible.

Kristina M.
five star review

I use the best skin care products money can buy, but Powerful has taken my skin to the next level. Adding internal help to my topical routine has produced results.

Susan B.
five star review

I rely on Powerful to help protect my skin from dangerous UV rays and fight free radicals from pollutants and the California smog. It also improves my workouts, boosts my overall health, and fights skin aging.

Keara M.
five star review

I have seen very impressive results with my clients who have been using Powerful regularly and their skin continues to improve. This is the only product I have seen make good on lightening persistent age spots and sun damage that is not responsive to IPL, peels or other surface treatments.

Carla B.
Master Esthetician
five star review

Powerful has dramatically changed the tone of my skin in just one month. It evens out pigmentation, boosts firmness, and I've noticed a big difference in the way my skin glows by adding this to my regimen. I highly recommend it.

Sophie M.
five star review

I Absolutely love Powerful. I have taken it for two years and have seen so many benefits. Keep it coming. Thank you Advanced Biology!

Joel T.
five star review

My skin feels great and has a healthy glow. Also: My fingernails used to break all the time, but now they don’t at all, and they are growing faster than they ever have!

Angie H.
five star review

Love it so. My skin feels amazing after using this product! Well worth incorporating into a skin care regiment

Mirabella H.
five star review

Two weeks and my skin already looks and feels healthier!

Michael B.
five star review

My hyperpigmentation has faded and I have a pink glow again. I absolutely love it!

Skin J.
five star review

I'm feeling this supplement. My dark spots seem smaller and lighter and my skin definitely feels plumper. So far, so good!

Deana F.
five star review

Part of my morning ritual. I wouldn't go without it. And it does so much more than just restore my skin, I've noticed some other beautiful benefits to my body. Love this stuff!

Wendy J.
five star review

Amazing to see changes as they happen. I love this supplement, my skin loves it, and I wish I had it years ago!

Penny F.
five star review

My dark spots seem smaller and lighter and skin definitely feels plumper. So far, so good!

Jazmine P.
five star review

Advanced Biology has improved my skin, energy, and diet. It’s a fantastic addition to any routine. Perfect when you’re on the go and need a boost or part of your daily ritual to keep your body and skin on point!

Katie M.

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