Our Story.

How we got here, and where we are going.

Supplements don’t work.

Having tried so many supplements over the last thirty years, I found that most of them are useless, or at best underwhelming. Supplement companies make money, but they can’t seem to make an effective supplement.

But what if they could?

I wanted to create a supplement that gives amazing results. I wanted to create the supplement that I wanted to take, and I quickly learned that is easier said than done, and the road to Powerful Beauty was a long one.

I’m not a scientist or medical professional, so I spent two years researching, reading hundreds of studies, talking to supplement companies, formulators, regulators and manufacturers. I did anecdotal group studies using multiple supplements simultaneously in the doses I planned to use. Those doses were based on peer-reviewed, published clinical trials and studies – a lot of them.

The results were incredible, and Powerful Beauty was born.

Everywhere I turned I was told that creating this pill was prohibitively expensive and impossible to sell, but I wouldn’t be deterred. Whether or not the market embraced my supplement, I would be proud of it. But as it happens, they were half right.

Powerful Beauty is one of the most expensive supplements ever produced, but we want it to be within reach of more people who can benefit greatly from it. We sell Powerful Beauty at the lowest price we possibly can, and that means our margins are slim compared to other products on the shelf.


The product claims on bottles, boxes, and in marketing among supplement companies are unbelievable, literally. Most of the products just don’t do much. There seems to be an endless list of supplements on the market, and a curiously long list of products from individual companies, with more money being spent on marketing than innovating.

How many supplements are we supposed to take? Apparently we need a pill for sleep, another for mood, even more for wellbeing, hair and nails, shakes, teas, more pills and powders before and after a workout, on and on. How much does that cost? Do we even have time in our schedule to organize and use this many supplements? 

We believe a single advanced supplement can do more than dozens of others used simultaneously.

We use 4 simple rules when dealing with users, partners and ourselves:

– Be honest.

– Be fair.

– Help wherever you can.

– Make the most effective products in the world.

Our products speak for themselves. No hype, just results. 

What now?

At Advanced Biology, we are going to keep it simple. We will only offer products that are proven safe, backed by real trials and studies, and are the most effective in the world.

We have some amazing things on the drawing board, including our second product, Powerful Living, aiding general health and wellbeing in an all new way.

Happy Powerful Beauty users tell us about their successes every day, so we know we are doing something right. You are going to see a lot more from us, and we hope you try Powerful Beauty and enjoy the skin and wellness benefits you will see and feel after eight weeks.

Here’s to your health and wellness!

-Lance Barton, Founder

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