Photo by Devin Avery

The effects of smiling on your beauty and wellness are incredible. Check out what you have to gain by turning that frown upside down:

  • The implication of success – smiling says you’ve got enough game to enjoy life.

  • Increased attraction – people are drawn to someone with a smile.

  • Positive attitude – your brain can put a smile on your face, and your face can put a smile on your brain.

  • Reduced pain – smiling releases natural painkillers.

  • Lower blood pressure – multiple vascular benefits.

  • Boosted immunity – maintain overall health.

  • Stress relief – real relaxation.

  • Mood enhancement – even if you don’t feel like smiling, doing it tricks your mind into a state of happiness.

And finally, smiling is contagious. Just smiling at those around you improves their state, and that improves everyone’s state. Try smiling at everyone today and see what happens, you won’t be disappointed.

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