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We love singing bowls and sound baths, and in case you’re not familiar with the joys of sound healing, we turn to our favorite sound healer Joey McCune for a deeper dive to get you started. She is brilliant. By the way, her sound temple and healing retreat in Tulum is gorgeous and an amazing place to regroup, alone or with friends. Take it away Joey…

“My soul has forged a sound weaving path that I have followed. I have experienced sharing this light with many beautiful souls, many sad souls, many cosmic souls, many sisters and brothers and also for strangers that have become dear friends. I have opened the doors for light to creep in and I have set the stage for healing and personal growth to begin.

We all like to do what is good for our souls, even if we don’t realize it at the time. We all like hugs, we like affection and we like kindness. These things make us feel good.

A sound healing session or a sound bath is a vibrational hug and a beautiful way to gift ourselves something that not only feels good, but is good for our soul. Self-care is so important and so many of us go without it far too often. Every sound symphony I weave comes with the intent to deeply bless each and every soul I work with. It is my vibrational hug to you.”

Check out Sound Healing Tulum right now to dive into the world of sound healing, and of course, try Powerful Beauty, available at Nordstrom today!

More in the journal.


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