Mikayla Neves


The most awesome dumplings in the world.

Another thing we love: Setolicious. A Settle mother/daughter duo use a generations-old family recipe and wrappers made fresh daily in Chinatown to blow your mind with hand-crafted, frozen, and delivered by the dozen wontons throughout the city. Each one is perfect. They arrive at your door, you drop them in boiling water, and eat them with your eyes closed, wondering how you could have accepted all other imposter wontons over the years. Eat them by themselves, or use them as a side, pretending they’re not the star of the meal.

Catherine and Niki started Setolicious during the pandemic, brilliantly defying the odds and prevailing advice not to build a new business during hard times, and we think that’s badass. We hope to do a powerful profile with them soon and learn what inspires these women who inspire us.

They sell out fast, so use the order link in their profile to get on the list, and you’re going to want to fill your freezer, so be as greedy as they will let you be when you order.

Here’s to you Catherine and Niki, two powerfully beautiful women.

More in the journal.

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