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Relationships During Covid

How to keep love alive when you're locked in together.

Being shut in during Covid can make relationships difficult beyond cabin fever. Experts give this list of how to keep it together as a couple:

  • Maintain self-care and stick to your routine. Sleep, wake up on time, make your bed, eat right, and keep up with your grooming and beauty ritual.

  • Limit the work day, don’t get lost in extra hours that imbalance your work/life balance.

  • Watch substance intake, don’t let the days become extended happy hours.

  • Go outside together. Safely social distance and replace time at the gym with walks, running and other activities to make up some of your gym time.

  • Keep kids occupied with education and activities, and split the time each of you entertains them.

  • Be realistic about the effects of stress on intimacy. Set your expectations as this will likely be a period of less than awesome sex.

  • Allow each partner to expand their support system and talk to friends and family on their own.

  • Have as much fun as you can. Get together with friends via social media for game nights and Zoom dinners.

  • Strengthen your relationship. Spend free time to reconnect, especially if you were drifting apart before the pandemic. Understand that if your relationship has reached a dangerous level such as violence, someone has to go and spend time safely with friends or family.

  • If you are stranded apart from your significant other, take the opportunity to get to know each other on a different level through conversation via phone and video.

  • Be on your best behavior so that you add the support of not driving each other crazy.

  • Ask for help if you need it. Therapists and mental health professionals are available via telemedicine to assist you, and if you have insurance, it will likely cover the cost.

And from us, hang in there. This will not last forever. Use deep breathing when things feel overwhelming. Take heart in the fact that you are not alone, we are all in this together.

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