Photo by A Koolshooter

Pumpkin Carving

It’s more relaxing than you think.

Pumpkin carving is a fantastic way to clear your mind of the day to day, and show a pumpkin who’s boss. We’ve learned that studying carving and being an overachiever is the antithesis of the fun carving has to offer. Here are a few time tested tips to get you where you need to be to just have fun with it:

  • Pick any pumpkin that speaks to you. As long as it’s firm, the shape doesn’t really matter.

  • Wash your pumpkin off. You’re not going for a surgical scrub, just a quick removal of dirt from the pumpkin patch.

  • Cut the top off large enough to get your hand through it to work.

  • Scrape out the seeds and guts with a spoon – keep them in a sloppy pile for now, don’t go straight to the trash with them.

  • Design a face however you like, some find drawing it on first to be helpful. This is not Rembrandt time, just do something that makes you smile.

  • Don’t use dangerous sharp knives from the butcher block, a steak knife or one of those cheap little serrated pumpkin knives will do. Always cut away from yourself and your fingers.

  • Cut a hole in the back to let the smoke have a little escape route.

  • Set back and admire your work.

Optional, dig the seeds out of the guts, we’re going to have a pumpkin seed roasting tutorial later in the week.

More in the journal.

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