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Overcoming your subconscious.

More about patterns. We’ve discussed the golden ratio and how it applies to beauty, but the human capacity to find patterns is unmatched, in fact, there is no machine learning algorithm that comes close. It helps us remember directions, solve problems, detect changes and more. 

That’s great, but a word of warning. We occasionally find patterns that aren’t really there, especially when evaluating people. You should know better than to judge a book by it’s cover. When someone reminds us of someone else we have a history with, we tend to treat them like that person, even though they’re not. We see patterns in people’s behavior, including ours, that may very well not be a pattern but a knot of assumptions and emotions we have created and stored in our brain database that we aren’t even aware we are accessing.

When you meet someone new or deal with someone already in your life, try to start fresh with every interaction. Clear your mind and consciously forget all of the patterns you have accrued. Give them the benefit of the doubt. People really can change, and this is an easy way for you to give them room to change while changing yourself.

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