Photo by Anatolii Kiriak

Night Boating

Staying safe while being romantic on the lake.

Take time on the water as serious as your date. Night boating can be a magical moment in an epic romance, or a disaster. Here are the four main rules for night boating, and it seems to us that they may be great rules for living:

  • Slow down, you can’t judge distances as easily as you can when you have high visibility and a relative sense of distant objects.

  • Arrange your interior lighting so that you are not blinded by your own illumination.

  • Use your hearing to your best advantage, sound carries across the water as if amplified.

  • If you’re not comfortable skippering your own boat in the dark, try and go out with a friend as a passenger.

Be safe, and have a beautiful evening.

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Don’t let it chip away at your mental health.

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