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Living Through Independence Day

Have a safe and happy 4th.

We want you to have the best weekend ever. We want you to build epic 4th of July memories, and we want you to live to enjoy recalling them. A huge population is heading to the lake or beach, using fireworks and cooking equipment, and drinking. So with half the country inebriated at large bodies of water handling fire and small missiles, what could go wrong? 

Beyond generally bad decision making and confrontations over unresolved issues bubbling to the surface due to alcohol and prolonged exposure to family and friends, there are some really bad possibilities:

  • Traffic hazards – Due to the celebration traffic, thousands of accidents on the road are commonplace, with serious injury and death well above the average day.
  • Fire – Thousands of fire injuries, from fireworks, cooking and bonfires can be quite serious, and damage to public and private property is considerable.
  • Drowning – It could happen to you. Add alcohol, crowds and confusion to a swim and many people don’t make it back to shore, particularly children.

So now that we’ve brought you down, what’s the good news? Keep your wits about you, take reasonable precautions, and don’t overdo it on alcohol. Look out for others that may be in trouble (or heading there) and keep them out of harm’s way – we’re all in this together.

Have an awesome time, and come back safe. And wear sunscreen. And take our advice on how to deal with your skin after exposure to the water, pollution from cooking and fireworks, unhealthy food, and so on – just scroll down to read brilliant posts on all of these and more!

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