Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev

Last Minute Halloween Tips

Having fun on candy night.

A few last minute tips on trick or treating. We want to remind everyone that there has never actually been a case of poison or sharp objects found in Halloween candy, it’s a myth, and hopefully that will put some of your parental fears aside and let you enjoy watching the little ones enjoy the night. Do look through the candy they collect, remove the stuff that is awful for their individual diet, may be an edible accidentally mixed in by those unprepared racing to find something for the first trick or treaters that arrive, or may be really, really old. 

Other than that, and we hate to say this, it’s the one holiday where a sugar rush and stomach ache are the period of the spooky sentence. Go in groups, watch out for cars, stay warm with a coat underneath the costume if need be, and as you escort them, make sure you’re wearing the correct moisturizer and serums.

Halloween is supposed to be fun, the one night you can become any hero or villain you like, and eat a crazy amount of candy, which is like a license to thrill for the little ones.

And a note to the older kids and their parents – if you’re over 13, you’re too old to trick or treat. Have some class, it’s your time to be the candy giver, not receiver, and you can no doubt eat a pile of candy between the doorbell ringing.

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