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It’s Going to Be a Tough Weekend

Preparing for upcoming pain.

For so many of us this is going to be a tough weekend. It feels like all we can do to get through it is focus on the good times we had with the powerful people we lost. Easier said than done. Suicide is often the result of not having the tools in your toolbox to overcome emotional pain. Though buying Powerful Beauty helps fund suicide prevention, it’s not close to enough. We ask that you:

  • Get educated and raise mental health awareness.

  • Volunteer for a mental health cause you believe in.

  • Donate to a reputable mental health action organization.

  • Check in and be there for the friends, family and strangers around you.

If you or anyone you know seems to be at risk of suicide, we urge you to contact the JED Foundation, the Hi, How Are You Project, resources in your community, or the national suicide prevention hotline.

We aren’t going to do the “thoughts and prayers” social media post. We really do care about you, whoever and wherever you are. No matter what has happened, you’re a valuable, powerful person, and we want you here. Let us know if we can help in any way, we mean it.

Being a powerful person who is still standing is the most beautiful thing we can imagine. We can take a break from skin evangelism for one weekend to remember what’s really important, and that’s you.

You are loved.

More in the journal.

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