Photo by Guilherme Almeida

Hyaluronic Acid Basics

What is it and how does it work?

Let’s talk about hyaluronic acid. What is it? It’s a sugar found in skin that retains a thousand times its weight in water, keeping skin hydrated and plump. Like most things, sadly, our natural HA levels decrease, taking a toll on the appearance of our skin. So how do you fight the loss of hyaluronic acid? There are four ways:

  • Applying HA topically, bringing moisture to the surface, which is incorporated into many skin products.

  • Ingesting HA, theoretically increasing the amount of available HA in skin after traveling through the digestive system.

  • Injecting gelatinous HA, known as “filler” with an average appearance enhancement of one year, and possible complications and negative long-term effects.

  • And our favorite – inspiring your body to create additional HA on it’s own.

The Powerful Beauty formula has been shown in human trials to increase HA synthesis by 43% after 8 weeks of consistent use. Beyond that, Powerful Beauty provides many other skin health and appearance benefits simultaneously. Though the HA product frenzy has grown into a massive number of products, consider our proven product that naturally elevates available HA in the skin, creating a plumper, healthy glow.

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