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Hanging Beads

The bohemian alternative to a door.

Well, we covered hanging lamps, now let’s talk about hanging beads.

If the hanging lamp is the table lamp’s beautiful older sister, then hanging beads are their younger brother who is still trying to pick a major at 40. But there is something special about hanging beads. They are the perfect, bohemian compromise to a door on a common room such as a kitchen, but a little too bohemian for a bedroom.

We didn’t have to consult experts like we did on the dos and don’ts of hanging lamps to give you a few tips we feel confident will help you hang the perfect beads. It really comes down style and function, but regardless of your personal style, quality is a must. This means no plastic.

Now that you’ve set the quality bar, what’s you? Maybe you want to recapture that feeling of the surf shack you occupied when you were young and thought you would always live life with the sand between your toes – you could use shells and beach glass. Maybe it’s a modern house in the hills, you could go for large capsule beads. If you have a classic country or yoga hippie thing, you might go with crystals that jingle magically as you enter or leave the room.

But don’t force beads where they don’t belong, this is where function takes a cue from common sense. People sometimes use beads in lieu of a closet door, then face the daily battle of getting tangled up every time they want to get dressed. Between the mud room and the kitchen they may be a nuisance when you carry in the groceries.

Hanging beads are dope when chosen and placed correctly, but an eyesore and a disability when poorly executed. So go forth, carefully, and find the beads that speak to you.

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