Photo by Eva Darron

Economy Class Syndrome

Powerful Beauty and blood clots.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs as a result of restricted blood circulation. Long periods of inactivity or immobility, dehydration, and low humidity and low cabin pressure that occur during air flights also cause DVTs. Because leg room and seating on airplanes is cramped DVT is frequently called economy-class syndrome. Small clots from a DVT can break off and travel to the lungs with the potential to cause life-threatening pulmonary embolisms – lung clots that interfere with breathing. 2,000,000 Americans develop DVT every year, and for 200,000 of them it is fatal.

The Powerful Beauty formula has been shown to increase circulation, reduce leg and ankle swelling, and help combat DVT on long flights. Be beautiful, and help minimize the risk of serious injury during travel with the most powerful beauty supplement in the world.

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