Photo by Kiersten Mikelas

Losing Betty White today is bittersweet – 99 is a good run, and we’re lucky to have had her that long. When our heroes die it feels like the world will never be the same, and it won’t, but there’s good news. People like Betty leave their mark. Her legacy is amazing, and she will have an impact for years to come. Being amazing, entertaining us, and making us feel safe for 99 years is about the maximum we can ask of anyone. Betty, you will be missed. You were a truly powerful woman, and you were so great to so many of us that worked with you.

It’s really an amazing milestone on this particular day. Take heart, celebrating an amazing person like Betty on New Year’s Eve takes a little of the sting out of what the world has looked like for the last few years, or at least it should.

We want to say thank you to all of our customers, retail partners, and influencers. 2021 was a fantastic year of growth for us, and we are so proud of the results our Powerful Beauty users report.

Celebrate safety tonight, call someone you haven’t spoken to for a long time and tell them you love them, and monitor your carb intake. That last part might have just been for us.

We miss you already Betty, you were stone cold awesome.

More in the journal.


Don’t let it chip away at your mental health.

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