We are not a tech company. Or a social network. We aren't "disrupting" anything. We aren't starting a movement. So far, nobody has invited us to give a TED talk. We don't sell through motivational gurus or multi-level pyramid schemes. Our business model is simple, and old-fashioned:


What makes us different is our dedication to revolutionary products. We will not, at any price, sell standard vitamins, recycled formulas, or anything that contains unsafe ingredients, isn't proven, or doesn't perform. We don't create products to chase trends. We don't settle for great. If it's not amazing, we're not interested.

We believe in what we do, and we innovate, bringing you products that give you incredible results. For instance, our flagship supplement Powerful is just what the name implies. Backed by real studies and human trials, the advantages this supplement provides in sports performance, beauty, mental function and total vitality for men and women at every age are undeniable.

From the harvesting and processing of our ingredients to securing your transactions online, we demand the highest quality and safety. We exclusively manufacture our products in American, GMP certified, FDA approved facilities, and rigorously test for purity, potency and consistency at every stage of the process.

Of course, you've heard this all before. The supplement industry is like the wild west, a largely unregulated territory full of charlatans, and they all say their products are safe, natural, and miraculous, and that they operate with the highest integrity. We prove every day in every way that we provide the highest quality products, safety, security, and service in the supplement business. Everything we make contains high doses of honesty, hard work, research, and science.

We hope you will give us a try, and we know you will enjoy the results you experience with our supplements. You can buy Advanced Biology products from us directly, or through trusted retailers in stores and online - not from your neighbor or at an airport seminar.

Want to know more? We are here to help, and we always welcome your questions. Visit the help pageemail customer support, or feel free to give us a call at (310) 601-8753.