Photo by Taryn Elliott

4 Basic Steps for Glowing Legs

Expert tips on keeping it smooth.

We constantly hear about exercise for sculpting legs, but your skin is a huge factor in the impression your legs make, and here are the steps the pros agree on to keep them in shape:

  • Open your pores with hot water or steam. Five minutes in a hot shower or bath gets your skin ready for the program.

  • Exfoliate. Use the best scrub you can afford, preferably with a short list of ingredients, and give your legs a scrub now that they are warmed up. Pay particular attention to knees, ankles and heels where dead skin accumulates more severely.

  • Shave like you have all the time in the world. Where’s the fire? Whatever your normal speed, do it three times slower.

  • Moisturize while you’re still damp. Immediately after rinsing off, apply moisturizer.

And don’t forget sunscreen when showing off those beautiful stems!

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